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Our chairs are Made in Canada for YOU - they fit your unique body type perfectly whether you are a child or adult. These chairs are your strongest most durable best friends who always welcome you with a warm hug. Visit:
Crate Designs carries on a tradition of producing high quality Canadian furniture at our factory in Chesley, Ontario - since 1906!
Our proprietary TEMPUR® material has changed the way the world sleeps. It adapts to your shape, weight and temperature to deliver your best night's sleep.
Our Rosemount furniture collection is proudly designed and Made in Canada. While servicing the Canadian furniture market for close to 30 years, we have learned what the average Canadian wants. Visit:
We are proud to offer you products finished pine, birch, and oak products 100% made in Quebec! Visit:
We provide innovative, affordable furniture and accessories for modern living. We love rooms that inspire creativity and comfort.
Why a Futon? The futon is so versatile that it can be adapted easily for a futon bed or futon sofa. With hundreds of designer fabrics to choose from, you can tailor the look of your futon to complement any environment. For the bedroom, family room, student dorm, guest room, formal living room, cottage, boat, camper or trailer, we have a futon to suit any budget.
Futon covers are removable so they can be easily machine washed or dry-cleaned. Becoming bored of your décor? Simply replace the cover with a different one and you can instantly change the look and feel of your room!
What sizes are they available in?
Our standard futon beds are available in 6" and 8" thickness and in many sizes. Waterbed inserts or any other custom sizes are also available. Futons come in a vast selection of materials, from all cotton, to foam core, to spring coils.
Standard chair: 39" wide and 39 to 43 inches deep
Jumbo chair: 45" wide and 36 to 39" deep (available in a few styles only).

Some chairs come with a flip up ottoman that allows the chair to become a lounger or bed

( Studios are love seats that can be converted into a double size bed and lounger with a flip out ottoman.)
59 to 65" wide and 36 to 39" deep.

Double - 74" to 85" wide and 36" to 39" deep
Queen - 80" to 91 wide and 36" to 42" deep

Available in some frames (length of a queen width of a double) 85 to 90" wide and 36 to 39" deep

Available in some frames 85 to 90" wide and 39 to 43" deep.
What other products are available?

Other products you will find at The Futon Shop are beanbag chairs, pillows, bolsters, health pads, coffee and end tables, unique gift items and more.
We pride ourselves in helping our customers select the right product for their needs. We believe you will find shopping at The Futon Shop a fresh new experience


At the futon shop we are proud to offer a wide variety of mattresses. We have plush mattresses, firm mattresses, coil mattresses and everything in between! Below is a description of each of the futons that we manufacture. Of course we recommend that you stop by and test out all of these different futons. Each mattress is made with superior quality materials but it will come down to your own personal comfort preference to decide which one is best for you!

8-inch Deluxe

The Deluxe Futon is a medium firm mattress. It is soft enough to use as a couch and firm enough to use as a bed. It is our most popular mattress. The Deluxe Futon comes with a 3 year warranty.

The Deluxe contains:
4 layers of cotton
4 layers of 1” - 1.3lb foam

Royal Plush & Royal Firm

If you are looking for a mattress that is a little more durable and more specific to your comfort preference then these mattresses are worth testing out! Our Royal Futons are available in firm and plush. It is a more resilient mattress and features a 1.8lb density foam. Both Royal futons come with a 5 year warranty.
The Royal Firm contains:
4 layers of cotton
4 layers of 1” -1.8lb firm foam

The Royal Plush contains:
4 layers of cotton
4 layers of 1” -1.8lb soft foam


For a more luxurious plush mattress the Polysoft futon is the one for you! Most people use this futon when used primarily as a couch however; it is quite supportive to be used as a bed. The polysoft mattress comes with an 5 year warranty.

The Polysoft contains:
2 layers of cotton
4 layers of 1” -1.3lb soft foam with a blend of convolute and flat foams
2 layers of 16oz. polyester 

If your futon is getting heavy every day use it is worth taking a look at our Edgecore futon.The Edge futon mattress is a very innovative design made for optimum comfort and durability. There is a high density solid foam that surrounds the edge of the mattress that ensure that your futon will keep it's shape for many years. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Edge contains:
2 layers of cotton
2 layers of 16 oz polyester
2 layers of 1.8 lb convolute foam
The sides feature a solid 1.8lb foam edge bonded to the core.
Coil Futons

We offer a standard coil futon and pocket coil futon. Both are 8 inches thick and come with a 5 year warranty. Both mattresses are recommended when used primarily in one position. Experience bed mattress quality without
The standard coil mattress contains:
13 ½ gauge 255 coil unit
2 layers of 1”- 1.3lb firm foam
4 layers of cotton

The pocket coil mattress contains:
14 ½ gauge 550 coil count unit
2 layers of 1”- 1.5lb foam
2 layers of cotton
Memory Foam

The Memory foam futon mattress is the most luxurious futon and comes with a 5 year warranty.
The Memory Foam mattress contains:

4 layers of cotton
2 layers of 1”- 1.5lb medium foam
1 – 2” Memory Foam
1 layer of 16oz polyester
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